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The UFCW’s main goal is to unionize employees and collect membership dues from them. A vote for the UFCW does not guarantee you a contract. 

We’re glad you want to learn more information about the UFCW so that you can make an informed decision. Knowing more about how this union operates will help you make a more informed decision about whether you want your money going towards dues to the UFCW. You’ll even learn about how two local unions in LA are fighting to keep Instacart shoppers out of stores (more on that on the “UFCW Locals in LA” page).

What is the UFCW?

The United Food and Commercial Workers is an international labor union that represents workers in the grocery store, retail, and food processing industries, among others. The UFCW International’s headquarters is based in Washington, D.C. UFCW has two main local unions that represent workers in Los Angeles: Local 324 and Local 770.

UFCW membership has declined in recent years.


Source: LM-2 Filing

What are the UFCW’s priorities? 

The UFCW’s goal is to unionize employees and collect dues payments from them. When unions like the UFCW begin contract negotiations with employers, their first two priorities are 1) an immediate “union security clause” that mandates you must pay union dues to keep your job, and 2) a “dues check-off clause” that requires the company deduct union dues directly from your paycheck and send them straight to the union.

A “yes” vote for the UFCW only secures a union’s authority to speak for you. It doesn’t guarantee a contract. It doesn’t guarantee what the union may – or may not – get you in negotiations. In fact, it puts your current wages and benefits at risk in negotiations since the union could trade what you have now for something else it wants. 

What fees are associated with union membership?

According to the UFCW Constitution and the most recent filings with the Department of Labor, UFCW locals may set dues at no less than twice the current per capita tax of $16.04 per month.

According to the most recent filings with the Department of Labor, UFCW Local 324 has an initiation fee of $450, while Local 770 has an initiation fee of $550. Local 770 has dues that can cost up to about $70 a month, and Local 324’s monthly dues can reach as high as $82—as much as $984 per year.

UFCW 324

UFCW 770


If I don’t like the union, do I have to pay dues?

Yes. In California and other states without “right-to-work” laws, a union can still require you to pay dues as a condition of being employed.

Shopper’s Question: Is paying monthly dues to the UFCW really worth it for me?

Instacart’s Answer: You’ve seen what it costs to be a member, just continue on to learn exactly how the union spends that money.

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